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FYP Exhibition (August 01-02, 2018)
The department of Computer Science & Information Technology strives to provide opportunities to students for presenting the skills they have learnt during their academic activities. Keeping this spirit, the department organizes two exhibitions per annum where students present their Final Year Projects (FYP). These exhibitions provide a platform to passing students for presenting their work to peers, teachers and industry experts. This also enables them to get direct feedback from viewers and evaluators.
This summer, the FYP exhibition was organized on August 01-02, 2018 in Exhibition Hall, The University of Lahore. A total of 75 projects were presented in the exhibition. A variety of development platforms, programming languages and frameworks were used by students to develop these projects. Visitors from software industry and academia benefitted from the event. They enquired the project developers about the technology and methodology used to develop their projects. They also had live demonstrations of projects to confirm the validity and effectiveness of projects. It was great for the students to receive the appreciation and the encouragement from the industry personnel.
The Mobile Applications, Web Applications and Hardware based projects were stand out and attracted the visitors most. Dr. Muhammad Adnan Hashmi, HOD Department of CS & IT, admired students and FYP committee for making this event a success. He also expressed the importance of the event as “It’s an ideal platform for the students to present themselves to the people from all walks of life. The students convey the message that how important their role is in defining the future of the country. If such students are promoted, they will prove to be a great asset. ”
Last but not the least, Dr. Mehtab Afzal, the Convener of FYP committee, pitched in from day one and covered the basic foundations of the event. His continuous efforts towards the betterment of overall FYP related processes do not only show his commitment to the assigned role, but also highlight his eagerness for the improvement of the academic and industrial linkage.

  • FYP Exhibition (August 01-02, 2018)
  • FYP Exhibition (August 01-02, 2018)
  • FYP Exhibition (August 01-02, 2018)
  • FYP Exhibition (August 01-02, 2018)
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