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This program is designed to produce graduates with specialized knowledge in Computer Science. Therefore, the masters program in Advanced Computer Sciences covers the major topics in Computer Science. The course work is a right mix of theoretical and practical work which is aimed at providing its graduates the necessary skills in Computer Sciences to excel in their professional lives. It is our mission that the department must serve a wide stream of students, which will undoubtedly be arriving with varying backgrounds and objectives. For this reason, the program proposed herein has been stretched out to cover most of the important areas of computer science including Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Database Systems, Advanced Algorithms, Programming Languages, Computer graphics, Artificial Intelligence and Research Methodologies.


  • BSCS 4 years degree program (minimum 130 credit hours) from HEC recognized University/Institute.

    MCS/M.Sc-IT, M.Sc-Computer Science or equivalent examination in a relevant field from HEC recognized University/Institute

    16 years engineering graduates in a relevant field (min 130 credit hours) from HEC recognized University/Institute

    The following core courses are required to be completed before entering the MS (CS) program.

    1. Analysis of Algorithms

    2. Assembly Lang. / Computer Architecture

    3. Computer Networks

    4. Computer Programming

    5. Data Structures

    6. Database Systems

    7. Operating Systems

    8. Software Engineering

    9. Theory of Automata

     Minimum of 2.50/4.00 CGPA for semester system. In case of percentage/annual system, minimum 60% aggregate


The successful graduates have the option of serving in the industry as well as joining academia. While in academia they can transfer their knowledge to youngsters and continue their studies towards a PhD degree. They can also become a useful resource for industry as software engineer, database administrators and designers, e-commerce specialists, network specialists, and software project managers.

Courses Offered

Semester 1
SrNo. Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs Pre-requisite Course- 1 Pre-requisite Course- 2
1   Core Course-I
2   Elective-I
3   Elective-II


Semester 2

SrNo. Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs Pre-requisite Course- 1 Pre-requisite Course- 2
1   Core Course – II

2   Core Course-III   

3   Elective – III

Research Methodology


Semester 3

SrNo. Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs Pre-requisite Course- 1 Pre-requisite Course- 2
Core Course-IV   

2   Thesis – I /Elective – IV



Semester 4

SrNo. Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs Pre-requisite Course- 1 Pre-requisite Course- 2
Elective – VI / V

Thesis – II / MS Project

*Registration in “MS Thesis - I” is allowed provided the student has

a. Earned at least 18 credits

b. Passed the “Research Methodology” course; AND

c. CGPA is equal to or more than 2.5.


List of CORE Courses

  1. Advanced Analysis of Algorithms       

    Advanced Operating Systems

    Theory of Programming Languages

    Theory of Automata – II

    Advanced Computer Architecture

List of ELECTIVE Courses

  1. Artificial Intelligence

    Advanced Artificial Intelligence

    Heuristic Search Methods

    Multi Agent Systems

    Search Algorithms for Combinatorial Problems

    Computer Vision

    Formal Methods

    Advance Topics in Formal Methods

    Information and Coding Theory

    Formal Verification of Distributed System

    Formal Specification and Design Technique

    Fuzzy Intelligence

    Fuzzy Automata and Languages

    Complexity Theory

    Algorithmic Graph Theory

    Data Science

    Topics in Statistical Natural Language Processing

    Research Topics in NLP

    Advance Topics in Machine Learning

    Information Retrieval and Text Mining

    Big Data Analytics

    Advanced Data Science

    Deep Learning

    Social Web Mining

    Database Systems

    Advanced Database Systems

    Data Warehousing

    Advance Topics in Data Mining

    Multimedia Database Systems

    Object Oriented Database

    Web based Databases

    Research Topics in Databases

    Human Computer Interaction

    Advanced Human Computer Interaction

    Multimedia Information Processing

    Mobile and Pervasive Computing

    Human Factors and Ergonomics

    Computer Networks

    Advanced Wireless Networks

    Computer Ethics

    Evolutionary Network

    Network Planning and Management

    Network Security

    Network Security and Cryptography

    Advance Computer Networks

    Telecommunication Systems

    Cryptography and Security Mechanisms

    Software Engineering

    Object Oriented Software Engineering

    Global Software Engineering

    Advanced Requirement Engineering

    Advanced Software Engineering

    Software Architecture and Design

    Software Evolution and Maintenance

    Software Process Engineering and Improvement

    Software Quality Assurance

    Software System Design and Architecture

    Topics in Software Engineering

    Additional Electives

    Ontology Engineering

    Advanced Information Security

    Systems Modeling & Simulation

    Pattern Recognition

    Computer Vision


    Semantic Technologies

    Internet Technologies and Protocols

    Cloud Computing Security

Offered at Campuses
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Evening Time, 2 Years, 6pm to 9pm

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