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Our department is committed to offer high-tech courses with research based teaching. We believe that our well-structured and carefully planned courses enable students to improve their skills and place them on competitive positions in the market. Moreover, we believe that the students acquire true knowledge with intelligence which gives them the leadership skills to take-on the technical challenges at national and international level. Our curriculum focuses on computational thinking, examining the strengths and limitations of computers in terms of what can be computed, developing programming knowledge and skills and enhancing the understanding of computer based problem solving techniques.

We make sure that our students have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to produce computer-based optimal solutions to the problems from the areas such as computer science, artificial intelligence, management, engineering, telecommunication, networking, transportation etc.

News & Events
01 September,2018

International Conference on Advancements in Computational Sciences (ICACS'19) is the second International Conf...

01 August,2018

This summer, our department organized Final Year Project (FYP) Exhibition on August 01-02, 2018 in Exhibition ...

21 February,2018

Department of Computer Science & Information Technology, The University of Lahore organized the International ...

02 February,2018

The Department of CS & IT, University of Lahore is organizing an International Conference on Advancements in C...

06 January,2018

As announced earlier, the Department of Computer Science & IT- The University of Lahore organized a One day wo...

28 December,2017

Department of CS AND IT is organizing a One day workshop on CYBER SECURITY.

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