University of Lahore


Dr. Muhammad Adnan Hashmi, 
PhD University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France,
Head of Department

The role of Information Technology in the development of our human society is obvious. Computer systems are being built to facilitate various walks of our society to facilitate the individuals to perform their respective jobs more efficiently and accurately. The role of IT covers a wide spectrum of life; a few to mention are management sciences, health sciences, bio-metric technologies, communications, earth sciences and etc. A computer scientist must acquire necessary education and skills to be able to solve the everyday problems with the help of computers. To achieve this objective we, at computer science and IT department, offer state-of-the-art courses and keep updating our curriculum to make it in-line with the changing market demands. We strive to provide the necessary knowledge, expertise and skills to all our undergraduate and graduate students to produce computer systems that satisfy the users’ requirements to a maximum level.

Let us be computer scientists and educationalists and be the useful part of Pakistani society and establish a culture to make individuals to use computer technology and take our country in parallel to other developed countries.

We take personal
responsibility for our role
as leaders in the pursuit of