S.No Title Type Year Name Group-Name
1 Renewable Energy Usage in the Context of Energy-Efficient Mobile Network Conference 2015 Dr.Arshad Ali
2 Design and performance evaluation of site sleep mode in LTE mobile networks Conference 2014 Dr.Arshad Ali
3 Estimating file spread in delay tolerant networks under two-hop routing Conference 2012 Dr.Arshad Ali
4 A new proposal for reliable unicast and multicast transport in delay tolerant networks Conference 2011 Dr.Arshad Ali
5 A new reliable transport scheme in delay tolerant networks based on acknowledgments and random linear coding Conference 2011 Dr.Arshad Ali
6 A new opportunistic MAC layer protocol for cognitive IEEE 80211-based wireless networks Conference 2009 Dr.Arshad Ali
7 Optimal online control for sleep mode in green base stations Journal 2015 Dr.Arshad Ali
8 Tracking Message Spread in Mobile Delay Tolerant Networks’ Mobile Computing Journal 2015 Dr.Arshad Ali
9 Reliable Transport in Delay-Tolerant Networks With Opportunistic Routing Journal 2014 Dr.Arshad Ali
10 Understanding User Behavior of Asking Location-Based Questions on Microblogs Journal 2016 Dr. Ibrar Hussain Human Computer Interaction
11 Chinese-based Spearcons: Improving Pedestrian Navigation Performance in Eyes-Free Environment Journal 2016 Dr. Ibrar Hussain Human Computer Interaction
12 µ-SATPLAN: Multi-Agent Planning as Satisfiability Journal 2011 Dr.Muhammad Adnan Hashmi
13 Merging of Temporal Plans supported by Plan Repairing Conference 2010 Dr.Muhammad Adnan Hashmi
14 Coordination of Temporal Plans for the Reactive and Proactive Goals Conference 2010 Dr.Muhammad Adnan Hashmi
15 Extending SATPLAN to Multiple Agents Conference 2010 Dr.Muhammad Adnan Hashmi
16 Temporal Planning in Dynamic Environments for P-CLAIM Agents Conference 2009 Dr.Muhammad Adnan Hashmi
17 A Planning Component for CLAIM Agents Conference 2008 Dr.Muhammad Adnan Hashmi
18 Language Resources for Computer Assisted Translation from Italian to Italian Sign Language of Deaf People Conference 2011 Dr.Nadeem Ahmad
19 A Platform independent User friendly Dictionary from Italian to LIS Conference 2012 Dr.Nadeem Ahmad Human Computer Interaction
20 Virtual Character Based Interactive Interfaces for Deaf and Functionally Illiterate Users Conference 2013 Dr.Nadeem Ahmad Human Computer Interaction
21 A Virtual Character Based Italian Sign Language Dictionary Conference 2012 Dr.Nadeem Ahmad Human Computer Interaction
22 Integrating MultiWordNet with Italian Sign Language lexical resources Journal 2014 Dr.Nadeem Ahmad Human Computer Interaction
23 Usability of Online Assistance from Semi-literate Users Perspective Journal 2015 Dr.Nadeem Ahmad Knowledge Management
24 A Context-aware Personalized Travel Recommendation System Based on Geotagged Social Media Data Mining Journal 2013 Dr. Ibrar Hussain
25 A Comparative Study of Sonification Methods to Represent Distance and Forward-Direction in Pedestrian Navigation Journal 2014 Dr. Ibrar Hussain
26 Travel Recommendation Using Geo-tagged Photos in Social Media for Tourist Journal 2015 Dr. Ibrar Hussain
27 A System for Mining Interesting Tourist Locations and Travel Sequences from Public Geo-tagged Photos Journal 2015 Dr. Ibrar Hussain
28 A Study on Automatic Classification of Users Desktop Interactions Journal 2015 Dr. Ibrar Hussain
29 Enhanced Privacy and Authentication: An Efficient and Secure Anonymous Communication for Location Based Service using Asymmetric Cryptography Scheme Journal 2015 Dr. Ibrar Hussain
30 Right Mix of Speech and non-Speech: Hybrid Auditory Feedback for Mobility Assistance of the Visually Impaired Journal 2015 Dr. Ibrar Hussain
31 Texture Feature Analysis of Digital Fundus Images for Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy Conference 2014 Muhammad Nadeem Ashraf
32 Improving the Transport Performance in Delay Tolerant Networks by Random Linear Network Coding and Global Acknowledgments Journal 2013 Dr.Arshad Ali
33 Shape preserving surfaces with constraints on tension parameters Journal 2014 Beenish Aqeel